Rest In Peace Dad

Winfall Farm would not be what it is today without my mother Hally and father Bill. My dad Bill, lead farmer, passed away on 1/6/2022. He fought and lost a battle with ALS. My dad loved giving kids tractor rides, hay rides, building things with anyone that had a vision, and was the kindest soul on Earth. He was the guy that made sure everyone was happy. He showed his love by providing. He was the guy that engineered something if it broke or simply invented something to make a job easier. He read every manual. I repeat he was the guy that read the manuals… cover to cover. He built my house. He stayed up late to help with school projects, mind and my daughters. He was the one I went to when I needed help. He got my emergency calls when I was lost on a highway. A real highway and the highway of life. He made sure my compass pointed north. Dad you are my forever hero. May this farm exude your spirit and love.

Rest In Peace Dad.

May 28, 1940 – January 6, 2022

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