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Welcome to the Winfall Farm website. This is a new website and the launching on National Syrup Day (December 17th) is our way of letting you know about us and the maple sap collection and syrup production we are looking forward to and want you to be a part of in 2022.

We are excited to present our first 5K at the farm. Know that before we took up farming full time we were competitive athletes. A fun run/walk to us means a well marked trail with great scenery, good event swag, and option to pr with state of the art timing. Stay tuned for a link to register for the run/walk. In the meantime start telling all of your friends about the event and save the date. The QR code will be changed to the race entry form in the near future.

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Not having any luck signing up for the 5K–I am too technologically limited. Is there an on-line sign up that I can use that doesn’t involve the use of an I-phone? Can I just give you my name and bring cash?

Hello Vicky – I apologize for any issues signing up online. Yes you can bring cash and sign up onsite the morning of the race. I look forward to personally welcoming you to the farm at some point that morning. Thank you for contacting me and supporting a great cause.
Below is a link to the sign up if you want to try again – it not look we’ll see you at registration the morning of the 26th. Please arrive 20 minutes prior to the 9a start to fill out the paperwork. I’ll also post a registration form on the site.
Kind regards,

Alex KM

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